John Crestani Affiliate Program

You may well have heard of the John Crestani Affiliate Program, or the Super Affiliate System.  Let’s take a quick but comprehensive look at the man behind it and the System itself.  John Crestani started out much like myself, struggling, anxious, longsuffering and constantly trying, despite so much difficulty to succeed in realising his dream: to make full-time income online.    Month after month and year after year, this ordinary family man just kept trying to make it all work.  He is such a shining example of self-belief, willing ones way to success and getting out of something what you put into it.  Have a read, or go straight to the system itself and check it out Here.

The First and Best Entrepreneur I Learned From

When I got the bug for wanting to make my own income online, it was him, John Crestani, whose long, hard earned years of incredible knowledge and experience I began to learn from, lapping up what I learned and becoming an ‘Action Taker’ as he so loves to repeat to his students.

I eventually became his student by joining his Super Affiliate System, which is still Crestani’s greatest achievement.  He has not only helped people in the millions to earn the kind of money that gives them true freedom, but has actually made millionaires like himself.

It’s not the easiest thing to trust or indeed feel really and truly cared about by someone who teaches you about making money online who has got there in a short time and in an easy way.  But Having someone who literally suffered panic attacks in desperation to succeed… well that’s not just a man I look up to; it’s a man I want to follow.

Who is the Super Affiliate System For?

John Crestani’s jampacked online course is suitable for beginner to pro-level marketers.  He goes through the lessons in a clear, methodical way with an engaging and positive tone.

It’s really hard to see how anyone who goes through it and follows the instructions can fail to make good money, or add to what one is already making.  It works for anyone who is dedicated and has at least some kind of a marketing budget.

Join the Super Affiliate System Today!!


The Super Affiliate System does cover a large amount of material, making it a very extensive and intelligently structured course.  Along with this, members have access to revision sections and tasks designed to help them retain the information covered.

The system is also updated yearly to suite various changes in tools and services, and comes with fresh online strategies to maximise online success.  In affiliate marketing this is important because things do change from time to time making other courses that are not updated less valuable and efficient.

Members will also have access to a dedicated internet marketing forum, student email support and a responsive Facebook group.


The price of the program is perhaps the only real issue.  The cost is $997.  However, you can also pay three instalments of $397 instead of buying the whole lot in one go.  Besides this, as stated above, you are going to need a marketing budget.  Whether the system is too expensive really depends on you and your financial situation.

Does the Super Affiliate System Payoff?

If you take time to absorb the information and put the action steps into practise, then yes, it is highly likely that you will profit from joining the program.  It will take time and hard work but this will ensure that you get your money’s worth and probably a lot more.

Basic Breakdown of the Super Affiliate System:

Upon joining the program, here are just some of the things you will learn:

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
YouTube/Video Ads
Search Engine Marketing
Social Advertising
Free Traffic Methods
Website Creation
Funnels & Funnel Building
Product Selection
Creating Traffic & Engagement
Data Analysis
Researching Niches
The Success Mindset
Advanced Marketing Strategies

Each of these topics are divided into further topics, giving you an almost endless opportunity to learn, to act and to build a wildly profitable online business.

I can testify that it is quite a joy to learn from a real affiliate marketing expert, and to get so much energetic and motivating support as one of his students.

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