John Crestani Affiliate Program

You may well have heard of the John Crestani Affiliate Program, or the Super Affiliate System.  Let’s take a quick but comprehensive look at the man behind it and the System itself.  John Crestani started out much like myself, struggling, anxious, longsuffering and constantly trying, despite so much difficulty to succeed in realising his dream: to … Read more

How to Succeed Online Easily

Are you excited at the thought of creating your own business and looking to avoid failure online from the outset? What if I got a bit corny and said that if you can listen to short tutorials and follow clear instructions, you can find out how to succeed online easily.  Yes, Easily! Let’s go through … Read more

ClickBank – Does It Work?

It is certainly true that ClickBank has established itself as one of the most popular, if not the most popular affiliate marketplace in the online world. Yet, ClickBank itself admits that most newcomers to the platform who sigh up to become an affiliate really struggle to make money and that the majority actually fail. So … Read more

Website Affiliate Marketing

The most common way to make money online is through affiliate marketing.  But there are so many different ways to go about affiliate marketing.  There is YouTube affiliate marketing, Facebook affiliate marketing, Instagram and Twitter affiliate marketing, targeted forums affiliate marketing, Google Ads affiliate marketing, so called ‘Done for You’ marketing systems and the list … Read more

12 Min Affiliate System Review

Hello and welcome to my review of 12 Min Affiliate, a digital MMO product by Devon Brown.  12 Minute Affiliate System is a very popular affiliate marketing program sold on ClickBank. I am a real user of this product who bought and invested in the system and made considerable money with it.  I’m here to … Read more

Where to Sell eBooks Online

Welcome to my article on where to sell ebooks online.  So you’ve written your eBook, or you are still in the process of writing it, or perhaps you’ve written more than one by now and you’re wondering what’s next? Which places online are good for selling my work? In this article, I’m going to answer … Read more

Wealthy Affiliate, Does It Work? A Member’s Review

Before you go ahead and jump into Wealthy Affiliate, read this no waffle and ‘to the point’ review!  Does this system really work?  To answer this, let’s first breakdown what Wealthy Affiliate is.  Making money online is largely a matter of marketing. Wealthy Affiliate Marketing is essentially website affiliate marketing.  They very much focus on … Read more

About Dominic

I have been deeply interested and passionate about affiliate marketing ever since I first learned about it. My name is Dominic and I would say I have reached a level of proficiency in this business which I love and I now want to communicate to others. I was someone who could never feel fulfilled, happy … Read more