About Dominic

I have been deeply interested and passionate about affiliate marketing ever since I first learned about it. My name is Dominic and I would say I have reached a level of proficiency in this business which I love and I now want to communicate to others.

I was someone who could never feel fulfilled, happy or satisfied in my day job and I still remember the sheer excitement I experienced when I earned my first commission online. I then knew that this was no longer just a dream, that this was really something I could do. It was possible and I had taken action and made it happen.

My Story in a Nutshell

Being Always a man of creative ideas and big dreams, I liked to make things from scratch, write and tell stories, paint miniature models to a high standard of perfection. I loved improving my skills when it came to things I cared about. I never really liked school but still managed to pass most of my tests despite my negligent habits and my preoccupation with fun and games. Even to the very end of my school education, I never really made an effort to put my heart into it or consider how taking it more seriously would affect my future.

However, I did enjoy collage which I attended for a one-year course in Business Administration Skills. It was basically business through computers and I was already fairly handy with computers and had made two blogs and a YouTube channel which I was really quite pleased with. My channel was on men’s fashion and aftershave reviews! This became a pretty cool talking point at college.

I passed all the 8 modules with Distinctions except for one, Bookkeeping, for which I got a Merit and even this was due to our teacher frequently having to be absent and the college were slow to replace her.

Then it was time to apply for full time work and I felt ready and even excited at the prospect of it.

I Worked in Three Full Time Jobs Which I Wasn’t Happy In

Landing my first job did take some time but eventually I ended up in a fairly small and busy office as an Administrative Assistant in the same place where I had done my work experience for college. It started of Okay for me, but as the days went by and the repetitiveness of the same tasks started to hit me, as well as the constant early starts and the all too little time I had to myself, I found myself asking why I had not at least worked towards a more meaningful career. I didn’t love this work, I hardly cared for it and it just doesn’t help towards quality of life to be stuck for so much time doing something you are only half-hearted about.

Well it so happened that I was only wanted in that office for a fixed time and afterwards I was back home again and on a Jobseeker’s Allowance. The next job I went into was a Call Centre. Despite what so many people say about it, I thought I could handle it and that a bit more communication with people would suit me and the time would pass quicker. As it turned out the training was terrible! One trainer went on a bender and told the substitute trainer that he would be in the next day. So the night before, the substitute trainer himself stayed up all hours in the pub, then was informed that he would have to go in and train us so he came in late and totally exhausted after six cans of Red Bull! And there was so much chatter and wasting of time during those two weeks of training. The first trainer never showed up again and the other one couldn’t always give us the time we needed. Anyway, we were suddenly informed that we would be going into grad bay once the two weeks came to a close and I was so unprepared! I hated the work, the computers were slow and we had to do call after call, messing up and annoying people over the phone because we were such armatures. I hated all the stuff you had to read out to them. I wasn’t having enjoyable interactions, I was treating people like robots and having to be inflexible and strictly follow protocol. The stress of the job, combined with such slow and dated equipment, not to mention the distance I had to cover to show up to work soon got the better of me and I was gone.

The third job I had was a shop floor assistant in a Lidl Supermarket. At least I could have a bit of a free head in this one but I knew I couldn’t stay here forever. It was so mundane, so unsuited to who I was and all the other things I could do. It was boring, it dragged on, it left me very little time and my quality of life was just taking a dive. In the end they wanted to relocate me somewhere else but it was just too far to get to and I ended up back at home again, really unhappy with the idea of full time employment. I wanted to do something I loved, I wanted freedom.

I Learned About Affiliate Marketing and Fell in Love with it.

It was while I was doing further job hunting that I stumbled across an email from something I must have applied for. It was a work from home job. But it was boring. It was data entry. However, it got me thinking about the idea of making money online and I began my research. As I learned I got more and more excited about the idea of simply working for myself as an online entrepreneur. Because I loved it and applied myself to it, I kept going and I started taking action with affiliate marketing. The simple, though not easy process of promoting other people’s products and earning commissions seemed like it could turn into a dream come true for me.

But Oh, the trouble and frustration I ran into! The confusion I experienced when I tried to make my dream work! The scams I fell for! The money I lost and the depression that began to set in became for me just as tough, if not even tougher to deal with than working for that dreaded Call Centre, or endlessly stocking shelves, cleaning warehouse drains and scrubbing the isles of that strenuous, repetitive Supermarket job. I was still applying for work as a necessary means to keep my welfare payment coming in. But I kept trying and trying to do what so many other happy and enthusiastic affiliate marketers were doing. If only I could start having a little success. I knew affiliate marketing was what I wanted to do and I was going to persist in my quest until the money started coming in.

I Finally Started Making Sales Online

Months and months were going by but without any success; no practical achievements, no sales. Besides the knowledge I had gained, I had nothing to show for it but failure and lost money.

But the day finally came when I started waking up to online commissions! The sheer euphoria of it and the increased drive to keep going, to keep scaling up was now in full swing for me. I kept going and kept learning, improving and building on my acquired experience. I am now happily employed by myself as an Affiliate Marketer! My dream has been realised.

Why I Created eBusiness Creations

Okay, I had freed myself from a lifetime of doing things I didn’t want to do, of being absent from home for so much time every week, from being always on a tight budget which left me unable to afford what I really wanted to have or to do or to go in life. But in this state of happiness and freedom I must say I felt sorry of other people currently in the same boat I was in, struggling to earn money online, falling for clever scams, losing their money and meeting failure after failure while either unemployed or stuck in a job they hate and that robs them of so much time, freedom and quality of life.

What I wanted to do was use my learning and experience to reach out to others in order to help them to succeed. I’ve been where they are, I can warn them against so many mistakes and assist them to learn the easy way instead of the hard way, or if they are already in a bad place, I can come to their aid. Since I know so much about what works and how to turn knowledge into money, I can also help those who are aspiring or who already are affiliate marketers and have reached a level of proficiency. These considerations have led me to create this site, eBusiness Creations.

My Goal With eBusiness Creations

I am going to use this site to provide anyone interested in the prospect of making money online, with information, walk-throughs, explanations and general guidance towards creating their own successful online business.

There are so many ways to be misinformed, to make mistakes and to end up with affiliate programs that do not deliver what they promise. I am here to help readers avoid these traps and take the right steps towards online success.

Affiliate Marketing is actually a wonderful concept, nevertheless, it does get a bit of a bad rap and to some degree, one could argue that this is deserved since there are no shortage of lazy marketers, unethical marketers and marketers who simply promote any old thing for the sake of the money. But I will show future and current affiliate marketers how to separate the good from the bad and how to go about this the proper way; a way which you can enjoy and feel proud of.

I will teach everything from website creation and development, website design and marketing, traffic generation, running targeted ads, as well as providing affiliate marketing related product and service reviews, and a whole host of other things.

I hope you will join me and leave me your questions and comments. Thank you for stopping by and for reading my story. Just a little hard work and determination, you too can experience the same happy and free success.

Let’s get you started on a wonderful online journey!



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